Shade to Order proudly specialise in Architectural grade fabric for tension shade structures. These superior products have a number of benefits.

Shade to Order have extensively researched the benefits of Architectural Grade Specialised Fabric and, In the last four decades, successfully designed, fabricated, and installed outdoor shade structures for 1000’s of consumers.

Superior materials & workmanship

Our shade structures are designed with the structural loads in mind and can be either fully waterproof or a PVC mesh fabric. Architectural fabrics are not stitched but high frequency welded in the case of PVC and pressure sealed in the case of teflon coated glass fabric (ptfe). This results in the seam being as strong as the fabric surface and in the case of waterproof fabric no leakage through the seam… guaranteed!

No Stretching – Perfect shape for 20 years +

Architectural fabrics will not stretch out of shape and the designed shape is maintained throughout the life of the structure… guaranteed!

Architectural fabric structures rely on the fabric remaining in tension to hold their designed shape. If you have been given a sample of woven shade cloth by another company hold the fabric in your hand and stretch it on the bias, that is at 45 degrees across the sample or thread line, see how much it stretches, now try this with a sample of architectural fabric and notice you cannot stretch it. Bias stretch is the main reason woven shade cloth fabric structures fail.

Designed to handle severe weather events

Architectural fabrics are hail resistant and can handle strong winds easily.

20 years warranty on shade materials

Architectural fabrics carry a full warranty with some of the more popular fabrics having a 20-year warranty. Our warranty covers the use of the fabric in a high-tension situation, after all that is what it is designed to do!

We tick every box

Our professionally designed shade structures bring sophistication and comfort to your commercial or residential property. At Shade To Order, we are all about crafting bespoke and solidly built shade structures that tick every checkbox of quality, durability, comfort, and resplendence.

The photos say it all!!

Shade to Order are multi award winning designers and manufacturers of high tensile shade structures. Based in Newcastle you have seen their structures everywhere; from the airport to Belmont 16″,most of Australia and overseas.

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