Shade Sails and Structures for
Airports, Hospitals, Carparks and Walkways

Whether for beautification, function, or aesthetics, waterproof shade structures breathe form, structure, and life into your airport, carpark, or walkway architecture. The best ones feature minimalist designs inspired by the existing landscape and executed to fit in as the perfect complement. Even better, it’s a structural complement that delivers much-needed function. Custom shades from Shade to Order block out as much as 95% of harmful UV light while providing a cool, cosy outdoor area sheltered from the effects of the elements.

Your guests, customers, or clients will love shade structures for the shade and refreshing scenery they bring. You will love it for the commercial and financial boost it affords your establishment.


At Shade to Order, we are all about providing the best commercial shade sails.

Our multi-award-winning quality shade structures are built from scratch to pack both the flair, sophistication and structural integrity needed to make your landscape and your business stand out. It is over four decades’ worth of expertise we plan to capitalize on in our next project – creating a befitting shade structure for your car park, walkway, or airport facility.

The Shade To Order difference

  • Expert craftsmanship backed by decades of industry experience

Building befitting shade structures that are guaranteed to stand the test of time requires skill, technical expertise, and of course, on-hand, on-the-job experience. Shade to Order brings all three to your next project. Our Engineers are skilled professionals with an eye for detail and a thirst for perfection. With us on the job, you’re plugging into the best hands available to undertake your shade project.

Our decades’ worth of experience eliminates any uncertainties. We’ve been in the business long enough to know what works and how best to implement what works to create the best possible solution at a pocket friendly price point.

Our commitment to delivering only the best commercial shade solutions reflects in the quality of materials we use to fabricate client shade sails and supporting structures. We maintain a direct line of business with best-in-class manufacturers and what this does is guarantee an uninterrupted supply of high-quality materials at the best price possible.

When it’s time to fabricate, we utilise cutting edge technology that eliminates microscopic errors and imperfections to make for a flawless build with top tier detailing and an impeccable finish. All cost savings from our lean and efficient build process is directly transferred to you, our end consumer. Shades shouldn’t cost a fortune. At Shade to Order, we make sure that is the case so you can divert scarce resources into other important aspects of your business.

  • Bespoke, turn-key shade solutions

From concept to design to fabrication, finishing, and then installation, our service covers the through and through of shade design and installation, so you don’t have to worry about the minute details. In most instances, all we need is an idea of what your dream shade structure looks like. Our design team will collaborate with you to conceptualize that idea before handing over the concept to our in-house specialist designers, who will then develop a fabrication blueprint. It doesn’t matter the nature of your design or idea; at Shade to Order, we have the tools and skill to transform even the most complex shade ideas into working solutions.

What’s your idea? Contact us today via email or telephone, and let’s get started with transforming that idea into a shade structure that’s guaranteed to turn heads and satisfy your custom shading needs.

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