Shade Sails & Structures for
Schools, Tafes, Colleges, Councils and Universities

The key to creating stunning outdoor spaces is finding the perfect blend between form and function. At Shade to Order, we can help you find that blend and proceed to transform your outdoor space into a captivating work of art that provides utmost value.

Our process is simple and pragmatic; we consider your needs, take into your current outdoor space, finetune your ideas, and then use all of that to create custom shade structures in your School, TAFE, College, Council or University building.

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The complete package and then some

Our design fabrication process is a product of over four decades’ worth of active research and development in the shades manufacturing space. Since 1980, we have consistently debuted innovative shade solutions and pacesetter technologies that have propelled us to newer heights and unleashed new frontiers in the industry.

From waterproof sails to bowling club shades, modular shade structures, tension membrane structures, and everything in between, Shade to Order is a full-suite shade manufacturing enterprise that provides both routine and bespoke custom-built sails to an expansive array of consumers in Australia. Our goal is to deliver residential shade sails and industrial shade structures that transform outdoor spaces into beautiful and functional settings that serve a defined purpose.

The Shade to Order promise

  • Tough, built-to-last, premium quality materials

Shade to Order Shade solutions for schools, cafes, colleges, and universities come fitted with top-tier sails fashioned from high grade, wear-resistant, and maintenance free materials. Our Teflon shade and PVC fabric shade cloth are consumer favorites for long term durability and aesthetic appeal.

  • Superior fabrication and finishing

Precision engineering and fabrication with state-of-the-art equipment ensure that all shade components manufactured by Shade to Order come out perfect with fine detailing and unmatched design accuracy. Our fabric PVC/PTFE waterproof and mesh sails are manufactured in place using elegant, durable high frequency welded, or in the case of Teflon, sealed seams. Everything combines to create flawless shade structures that are well deserving of the tag – work of art.

  • Function over form

We approach every shade design and fabrication process with a peoples’ first mentality. We design and develop shade solutions that are first practical, with correspondingly comfortable and accommodating spaces, and then eye-catching, with elegant styles that command an air of sophistication.

How we do it

  • Idea conceptualization

The first step towards getting a shade structure for your school, college, café, council, or university is to conceptualize the idea for a shade that matches your outdoor space. Don’t worry if you’re having a hard time getting your creative cap on. Our design specialists are always on hand to provide best-fit suggestions based on your needs and design preferences.

  • Custom fabrication

Once we’ve arrived at a working design, the next step is to develop a fabrication blueprint and then commence fabrication either locally, on-site, or in our production plant. The final choice of fabrication location depends largely on the scope and complexity of your preferred shade structure.

  • Installation

The installation phase wraps up the process of the typical shade production run. Here the goal is to merge the shade cover – be it a Teflon shade, or PVC sail material – onto the actual shade framework.

What we do

Shade to Order is a one-stop-shop for all things related to shade fabrication and installation in Sydney, Newcastle, and Australia at large. Our shade solutions for Schools, Tafes, Councils, Colleges, and Universities include everything from preschool shade sails to building faced structures, umbrellas, cantilever shade structures, waterproof covers, waterproof sails, bowling club covers, and much more.

Feel free to reach out to us so we can get started on your custom shade project.

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