Polyedge Shade Structures

Polyedge shade sails are freeform structures with 5 or more connection points. Alternating high and low attachment points creates a unique 3D shape across the fabric surface maintaining the tension and allows water to run off the surface.

Polyedges generally have minimal steel support structure, taking advantage of the fabrics ability to span large distances, without the need for regular supporting beams like conventional buildings. Polyedge structures can incorporate continuous strapped sealed edges to provide waterproofing over doors and building sides.



Our latest Polyedge shade sails designed, manufactured and installed by Shade to Order for Kurri Kurri TAFE in the beautiful Hunter Valley.

The brief was to have a weatherproof area for their clients and students to dine and relax in whilst overlooking the breathtaking vineyard, whilst allowing a comfortable outdoor area to hold functions such as weddings and corporate events. It was also essential to be aesthetically pleasing and complement the existing infrastructure.

Shade to Order have maximised their outdoor dining area by installing a unique shade sail/awning structure. Positioned in the open greens of the Hunter Valley, the TAFE experiences high winds and high temperatures sporadically. One of our engineered and highly durable shade structures was required and will withstand cyclonic winds and last decades.

This outdoor awning and with the application of heaters, is keeping Kurri TAFE’s clients warmer in the winter months, cooler in the summer months and dry all year round.

This stunning shade sail structure has a 20-year warranty and is manufactured from the highest quality PVC fabric and hot dipped galvanised painted steel for ultra-corrosive protection.

Check out the affordable and quality accommodation that Kurri Kurri TAFE has to offer. A wonderful place to reside for an upcoming concert, wedding or corporate event in the Hunter Valley.

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