Commercial Shade Structures for
Clubs, Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants and Resorts

Hospitality in your Club, Hotel, Café, Restaurant or Resort should extend well into the outdoors. Our custom-made commercial shade structures provide the foundations to help you deliver on that expectation. By leveraging the best hands in the industry and utilizing only the highest quality materials, we provide bespoke shading solutions designed to recreate the soothing and relaxing feel of the indoors in the free-flowing and exciting air of the outdoors. Read our Blog articles on how a shade structure can improve the appeal and profitability of your Cafe, Pub or Restaurant.


Exotic designs that leave an impression

Inspire your guests with exotic designs, aesthetically pleasing shapes, and symmetrical shade configurations, all guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. While function and practicality come first in our project executions, design perfection is second nature. Each shade structure solution deployed by Shade to Order captures the essence of the surrounding landscape to create a truly blended scenery that complements and amplifies the design language of the surrounding architecture.

Our technical expertise means we can fabricate shade structures and sails in all forms to complement virtually every landscape scene and style. From rustic to contemporary, antique, modern, or minimalist, Shade to Order is your one-stop destination for shading solutions perfectly suited to your peculiar case scenario.

Location and needs-specific shade structures

Different geographical locations require different structural implementations to produce worry-free outdoor spaces with the calm and tranquility of an indoor space. At Shade to Order, we understand what it takes – both in terms of design and structural engineering – to float robust and durable shade structures immune to the elements and conforming to your location-specific needs.

We have successfully deployed shade structures in multiple and incredibly diverse locations. From the rocky hills of the Australian Alps to the unforgiving terrains of Tasmania, our structures are adapted to the country’s diverse landforms and constructed to withstand its harshest weather conditions.

Durable and cost-effective

Shade solutions from Shade to Order come with a 20-year warranty that’s testament to our products’ build quality and durability. Since 1980, we’ve consistently manufactured shade solutions designed to last a lifetime with little to no maintenance.

For the best part, you don’t have to break the bank to get our shade structures on your property. Our custom-made solutions start at pocket-friendly prices with options to tailor your build to match your budget.  Premium quality does not have to mean neck-breaking prices and to make sure of that, at Shade to Order, it is our corporate commitment is to transfer all gains from our lean fabrication process to you our customer.

Why choose us

  • A selection of the industry’s finest professionals

Shade to Order is home to a growing number of Australia’s most creative, detail-oriented, and best-trained design and engineering talent. Backed by cutting-edge technology, this highly motivated group implement shade solutions on your property with gilt-edged accuracy and an insatiable thirst for perfection.

  • Turnkey service provider

Our professional workforce consists of individuals from all relevant design and engineering sub-specialties. In practice, this allows us to affect all fabrication processes in-house with strict adherence to the highest quality control and industry specified safety measures.

For you, this means met deadlines, a seamless idea-to-final-build process, superior build quality, and flawless design execution, amongst other things.

  • A limitless selection of options

From Tension membrane structures to custom-built sails and fabric awnings, we have both the tools and expertise to fabricate even the most complex shade structures on your terms. And because we handle all parts of the production process, your customization options are practically limitless. Want a custom shade with an alfresco dining cover or a café shade with an outdoor sail cover? Rest easy; we’ve got you covered.

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