Backyard Shade Structure Considerations

As we all know, Australian summers can often mean relaxing and having fun in the back yard and getting a good dose of vitamin-D. It can also usually mean heat, sun and dangerous levels of UVR  (Ultra-Violent Radiation). It’s therefore very important to think about sun safety for yourself and your loved ones against harmful UVR.

So, whether you’re considering installing a shade sail, awning, pergola, or even planning some beautiful native trees, here’s what you need to know when choosing your shading options.


Function and Cost of Shade Structures

The qualified engineers at Shade to Order, have designed a huge variety of shade structures plans. Importantly, every one of our shade structures are designed specifically for each client’s needs and taking into consideration two key concerns: function and cost.



Function is almost always the first priority with our designs.  We will work with you to plan out your space with the aim to provide effective coverage where and when you need it.

Typically, we find people want to cover a seating area or a backyard or playground area.
A 3-4 metre dimension of shade is going to be minimal for a functional gathering space, and 8 to 10 metres is preferred. If you’re simply providing shading or an off-the-house shade, then a 1 to 2-metre projection from your home can provide a nice shading solution.

The height of the shade structure is also very important. The higher you locate the cover, the less effective it becomes. The aspect of relative scale to the house or building also needs to be considered. We recommend a height of 2-3 metres for most shade structures and 4 metres for a very large structure.



Cost of shade structures

When weighing up the cost of your shade structure you need to consider many factors such as materials, effectiveness of the shade material and the durability or life span.

At Shade to Order we only design and manufacture cost-effective and functional shade structures that will meet your UV protection needs. We are all about crafting bespoke and solidly built shade structures that tick every checkbox of quality, durability, comfort, and visual impact.

Our quality and cost-effectiveness is evident in our results and the testimonials of our valued clients.


“All we can say is Calie and her team exceeded our expectations and delivered an absolutely brilliant product on budget (actually slightly below) and on time.

We are thrilled with the quality and finish and the whole experience.

These guys rock! Regards Elza and Joe Best”

– Joe & Elsa Best – Eleebana, NSW – (Barrel vault awning & hypar pool sail)

Our custom shade sails can be found in many countries around the world and provide much-needed cover from the elements and serve as an aesthetically pleasing architectural structures.

The photos say it all!!

Shade to Order are multi award winning designers and manufacturers of high tensile shade structures. Based in Newcastle you have seen their structures everywhere; from the airport to Belmont 16″, most of Australia and overseas.

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